Special Education

In special education, administrators and educators need a system in place that makes it easy to spend more time with the children who need support first and foremost. With SchoolBrains, educators can do their jobs quickly and intuitively by employing a system that combines student-level access to scheduled meetings with detailed analytical tools for system-wide data.

Keep Student Forms, Meetings Organized

Each meeting for a special education student is accompanied by a number of required forms and notices. SchoolBrains keeps these forms under control by associating them with the corresponding meetings. This natural storage method makes it easy to manage current forms and find historical student data.

Intelligent Document Management

We take extra measures to make sure that special education data in SchoolBrains is handled properly from start to finish. Single-user concurrency protection ensures that only one user at a time can make changes to a form, while timeout prevention keeps your session alive for as long as you need. When it’s time to print, SchoolBrains utilizes an intelligent PDF engine to give you clean, adaptable hard copies that adjust automatically to the amount of data that you enter.

Break Down School and District Data

SchoolBrains equips special education professionals with robust reporting tools that allow for the creation of custom, exportable readouts and breakdowns. Find out how the resources in your department are being utilized, track key due dates for parental signatures or program reviews, and print address labels for eligible students all within a few clicks.

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