Admissions and New Student Registrations

SchoolBrains excels at making the everyday tasks that drive your school easy. It’s that philosophy of usage that drove our development of the registration process for new students.

Save Time and Register Students Quickly

A simple wizard that surprises users both with its simplicity and with the robustness of its features. A well- explained, screen-by-screen process takes a new student from square one to the classroom in minutes or even seconds.

Instant Inclusion of New Students

As soon as registration is complete, students are accessible to teachers for grading and attendance.

Complete Complex Steps Easily and Prevent Duplicate Entries

Our wizard offers an intuitively structured path towards registration and a “New Registrations” list of recently added students.

Pick Up Where You Left Off

If you have to leave a student record to manage a different task, the wizard doesn’t deactivate.

Be Prepared for Emergencies

Our registration process encourages input of family members and contact information.

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