Implementation & Training

“SchoolBrains’ customer service is excellent.  In my conversations with peers in other districts, I am told that you can put in a ticket and you may or may not get a response. When SchoolBrains sees my number, they call me back. If I could use ONE word to describe SchoolBrains, it would be: responsive!”

Mary Quinlan, Foxborough PS

Always Listening 

You say it about your students all the time: the tools are there; they just need to be properly activated. The same can be said for an SIS platform.  

Always Learning

Our unique, user-friendly, four-phase implementation methodology emphasizes early design validation to ensure that your solution makes a grade.

Listen, learn… implement!

You’ve signed on with us. What comes next? First, we listen to you and do a needs analysis. What features do you need most? How can it find a way to solve your problems and meet your needs? In the end, our goal is to document the short- and long-term objectives for your SchoolBrains system and to align those goals with your school’s overall strategic plan. Working in partnership, with one of the most customizable platforms on the market, we design the best tool for your school district.

We discuss:

  • Objectives
  • Requirements
  • Priorities
  • Scope
  • Success Factors

When the tool is configured for your needs, we deliver training on-site and online to your key user groups. How we train is entirely dependent on your user groups and your needs. User group training accomplishes what we love best – learning together.

Education and Training

Solution-specific training is a cornerstone of our training method. We want to help each user group understand the value of knowing this tool. Our experience tells us that by giving your staff a thorough understanding of how the product works – and insight into the most efficient and effective ways to use the system, they will realize the solutions they need and they will leave with increased productivity in their job and confidence regarding the system as well as feeling more empowered regarding their work. And that holds true for every user group. Ultimately bringing the most value to this important investment to your school.

We conduct customized training programs for customers who prefer to hold personalized, company-customized classes. These courses are designed specifically to meet the customer’s unique requirements and are a great way for companies to jump-start the usage of SchoolBrains. These classes typically run for 3 to 5 days and are conducted live, either in-person or over the Internet, depending upon the client’s requirements.

We hold courses on a periodic basis at various locations throughout North America, depending on customer requirements. Courses are led by expert instructors and utilize a proven curriculum. Customers will also have the opportunity for hands-on work throughout the course.

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