Robust Features

“When I think SchoolBrains, I think accommodating. They are willing to work with us and help…with requests for new features I have asked for.”

Mary-Anne, Haverill Public Schools

Always Listening

We hear it time and time again from administrators and teachers around the country:  much like students can’t be properly educated with a “one-size-fits-all” mentality, SIS solutions need to be easily customizable for school systems of all scopes and sizes.

Always Learning

That’s why, before we create any SIS solution, we take the time to understand your needs, and then adapt our tool to your unique challenges and setting – from customized report cards and notices to a student’s family records and attendance.


The Best Technology

Fast and intuitive data-driven decisions

Full-featured, powerful, customizable

Unifies all student and personnel data

Robust reporting and assessments

Lower Cost of Ownership, Higher Satisfaction

Replaces expensive, outdated systems

Instant access to all data

Automates time-consuming tasks

Google Classroom Integration

Comprehensive Training Options

Customized Reports

Special Education

From scheduled meetings to detailed analytical tools for system-wide data, it’s all there to support the educator and the student.

In special education, administrators and educators need a system that makes it easy to spend more time with the children who need support first and foremost. In short, the IEPs developed for each student are built and shared with parents and teachers so that everyone stays connected.

Education Plans

No two districts are alike (we know that better than anyone), and no two districts will want to evaluate the same criteria on their education plans. 

So our solution is customizable to individual schools, which comes from our initial session of listening first to understand your needs, then adapting the tool for your unique setting and challenges.  

We can offer customized report cards, needed notifications, report writers, and customized reports through our SIS platform.

Achieve Compliance

Integration with SchoolBrains™ Modules

Exceed Expectations


SchoolBrains SIS brings testing and performance assessment to K-12 educators through a secure, convenient web-based solution that facilitates better, quicker data-driven decision-making at the district level and in the classroom. 


Admissions and New Student Registrations

SchoolBrains excels at making the everyday tasks that drive your school easy. It’s that philosophy of usage that drove our development of the registration process for new students.

Save Time and Register Students Quickly

A simple wizard that surprises users both with its simplicity and with the robustness of its features. A well-explained, screen-by-screen process takes a new student from square one to the classroom in minutes or even seconds.

Student Health Management Systems​

In today’s world, maintaining confidentiality as it relates to student health is essential. Our tool is fully secure, and not only offers the Health Management team the critical tools they need but also the ability to communicate to educators who need access to health data. In a mode that creates partnership but not at the expense of confidentiality.

Alert System

SchoolBrains Alert System (SAS)

The ability for schools to communicate the information stored in their Student Information System (SIS) with students, parents, and staff easily and instantly is paramount. SchoolBrains (SAS) is a single sign-on alert messaging system that is an integrated part of our Student and Personnel Management system and offers multi-channel messaging including email, voicemail, and SMS text messaging.

Grade Book & Report Card

We handle all your grading and report card needs with one easy-to-use integrated solution. And of course, Google Classroom integration is seamlessly linked to our system.

Teachers can access the system from any computer with Internet access, whether to grade an assignment or to publish results to the SchoolBrains Community Portal for parents.

Community Portal

Give your district a true community feel with the SchoolBrains Community Portal, bringing teachers into direct communication with families about student progress. Our Portal provides pages for admins, teachers, parents, and students…features that your district needs to foster cooperation between families and parents. It’s secure and customizable, with ample space for school news and notices. It’s accessible, with Web-based access giving your families 24-hour access to the latest information.

Improve Resource Allocation

A software solution that leverages knowledge into efficient parent-teacher conferences.

Curriculum Mapping

Our Curriculum Map enables districts and schools to affect student achievement by transforming schools into high-performing learning communities.

It is a word-class professional solution that allows educators to use data in instructional decision-making, aligning curriculum, determining instruction, assessing with standards, and designing innovative and engaging classroom instruction.

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