Meet the “Brains”

“There’s nothing more important than a quality education.  Even playing a small role in that effort is what drives us.”

Robert Pemberton, SchoolBrains President and Founder

Always Listening

While “Brains” is in our name, it’s our ears that make us who we are.  We take great pride in our ability to hear what teachers and administrators are looking for in an SIS platform, and then bring it to life. 

Always Learning

We’re celebrating our 20th year, and we’d like to think we’re getting better with age.  Why?  Because we continue to listen and learn from people smarter than us – school districts of all types and sizes, all over the country.

Rob Pemberton

Rob left his corporate role as Vice President of Research and Development at a publicly held enterprise software provider to create a company with a focus on building entirely new software solutions that provide organizations with web-based, highly adaptive hosted solutions that give them the highest value possible. With SchoolBrains, Rob wanted to take his vision even further. He wanted to take what he had learned in the business world and apply it to education. He wanted to build an integrated solution that was easy to use and valuable to all constituents – teachers, students,  administrators, parents, and the entire community. His ultimate goal? Make a positive impact on students’ learning experience and overall academic performance. That was Rob’s vision when he started the company, and with continued growth and innovation, Rob’s vision and SchoolBrains is a reality.

Steve Cotton

Steve joined SchoolBrains in 2013 after a career in the education technology field, working for a SchoolBrains competitor. His role as the Vice President is to create strong, sustained relationships with prospective customers and ensure that a close connection with the company enhances their experience with the tool and provides valuable insights that help the SchoolBrains team to learn about and innovate the platform.

Steve knows that when an SIS platform is selected, it is a purchase that will be in place for many years and the team at SchoolBrains is commited to that longevity. The phone is Steve’s friend and he believes in the power of personal connection with his clients. If anyone on the SchoolBrains team lives and breathes it’s ‘Always Listening.  Always Learning.’ tagline, it’s Steve Cotton.

Patrice Parent

After years of working at large technology companies like Software 2000 and Oracle, Patrice joined forces with Rob to develop and continue to refine the SchoolBrains Student Information System platform. After years in multi-layered, high populated work environments, Patrice loves the agility of the SchoolBrains company culture and the fact that the leadership team can so swiftly respond to customer and industry needs.  When Patrice hears a request, the solution is already being drawn in his head. If asked, what makes SchoolBrains so effective, Patrice will tell you it’s their innovative thinking: finding ways to keep up with the needs in the here and now and be first to market.  

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