Here For You

“The system works well, and the support you get when it comes to  that is strong. When a challenge arises, I can always count on them  to come up with a solution.”

Jenny Malave – Holyoke Public Schools

Always Listening

 At SchoolBrains, we believe that picking up the phone or replying to  an email is as much a part of our job as answering a student’s question or helping them solve a problem is part of your job.

Always Learning

Please think of us as your IT team. We are working side by side with  you, learning from you. 

With SchoolBrains, your district no longer needs to worry about where  they’ll get the IT resources to manage your SIS product: our support  team is always there for you whenever you need us. SchoolBrains  provides unlimited live telephone technical and email support, included in the Subscription, for designated priority users within each  client organization. 

 SchoolBrains provides unlimited live telephone technical and email  support, included in the subscription price, for designated priority  users within each client organization. SchoolBrains also provides user-level support for an additional monthly subscription fee. All types  of customers – administrators to departmental end-users – have access to self-service support, including the availability of SchoolBrains solution knowledgebase and support portals.

Customized Support Plans

SchoolBrains also offers customized support plans for customers who  prefer to utilize SchoolBrains’ dedicated resources for all levels of  support. For these additional consulting services, SchoolBrains deploys professional technical services and consultants with tremendous experience in their areas of expertise. They are full-time  consultants, so they have a deep, real-world knowledge of what’s  best in implementation and operation.

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