Give your district a true community feel with the SchoolBrains Community Portal, bringing teachers into direct communication with families about student progress.

Our Portal provides pages for admins, teachers, parents and students…features that your district needs to foster cooperation between families and parents. It’s secure and customizable, with ample space for school news and notices. It’s accessible, with Web-based access giving your families 24-hour access to the latest information.

Improve Resource Allocation

A software solution that leverages knowledge into efficient parent-teacher conferences.

Teachers Control Visible Data

Teachers have the option to post or hide assignments, grades and attachments.

Capitalize on SchoolBrains:SIS™ Integration

The portal outputs grades, attendance and behavior, school news and more.

Exercise Complete Security Control

Administrators control logins, passwords and visibility of children.


Giving Teachers More Time To Teach!

The SchoolBrains™ teacher portal gives teachers the freedom to spend more time with their students and less time on administrative tasks. With 24/7 access to their students’ information teachers can make rapid, informed decisions in the classroom, from home, or wherever they have a connection to the Internet.

Through the tightly secured SchoolBrains teacher portal, authorized users can access information that they need to facilitate student learning. SchoolBrains encourages a multi-directional flow of information, allowing teachers to receive curriculum suggestions and assessment results from administrators while sharing class assignment information and grades directly with parents.

Teachers Experience

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Data Management That Drives Informed Decisions

The SchoolBrains™ administrator portal provides school leaders with access to their district’s information when they need it – fast. With school and personnel data, assessment analysis, and overall student performance available in seconds, district staff are instantly informed and aware of the challenges they face in education. Administrators can stay updated in real time and process quickly changing information, allowing them to improve their district, their schools, and overall student performance.

At the school level, simple entry and reporting capabilities for daily tasks like attendance and behavior feed into a complete data snapshot, giving
administrators the tools to leave no stone unturned in facilitating day-to-day district operations.

24/7 access via the administrator portal to the district’s secure SchoolBrains system allows users to enter, access and share information that they all require to make data-driven decisions.

Administrators can:

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Access and Review Child Progress

A positive attitude toward learning begins at home. We know that children perform better in school when parents are interested parties, supportive and well informed of their children’s academic efforts. We also realize that today’s busy routines can make it difficult for parents to keep up with school-related matters.

The SchoolBrains™ Community Portal provides parents with the ability to review their children’s progress with 24/7 access to comprehensive student profiles. Parents can connect and stay informed, as well as collaborate with teachers and the entire school community wherever they have a connection to the Internet.

Parents Can:

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