Grade Book and Report Card

We handle all your grading and report card needs with one easy to use integrated solution.  And of course, Google Classroom integration is seamless linked to our system.

Easy-to-use flexible Grade Book

Our grade book is simple to use. Teachers can easily manage their grading preferences and publish grades to report cards and progress reports in a few simple steps. Since the teacher portal is an integral part of SchoolBrains, all of the difficult and error prone configuration required to setup a traditional grade book is eliminated. Which frees up teacher’s time for the other priorities on their list.  Which means: their students.

Always available from any internet connection

Teachers can access the system from any computer with Internet access, whether to grade an assignment or to publish results to the SchoolBrains Community Portal for parents.

Requirements can be set by the school administration or established at the classroom level. And it’s all fully integrated with teachers’ daily attendance, assessment results, and everything else that SchoolBrains has to offer.

Customized Report Cards

Report Cards are a critical part of the communications between teachers, students and parents. We understand that your report card represents your schools unique approach to learning and measurement. Our customizable report card builder allows almost unlimited flexibility to express your design goals. There is no cookie cutter approach with the SchoolBrains SIS.  Let us listen, learn and then help you find the best solution.

Standards Based Report Cards

Traditional report cards with letter based grade scales are not always the preferred approach to report on student learning. Increasingly schools are turning to standards based report cards as an alternative. SchoolBrains report card and grading system fully supports this trend and produces cards that are designed to meet your schools specific needs.  We’ve said it before: we’re listening, learning and working to create a system that serves you best.

SchoolBrains™ Grade Book and Report Card Features:

  • Complete integration with Google Classroom
  • Standards Base Support
  • Grade book preferences fully customizable by school administrator and/or classroom teacher
  • Set grading symbols, term and category weights, and allow grade overrides or low score drops
  • Instant grade calculations, assignment organization, and printable reports to track student progress
  • Fully customizable, PDF-print report card optimized for school/district needs
  • Integration with SchoolBrains™ Community Portal to facilitate parent/teacher communication
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