Alert System

SchoolBrains Alert System (SAS)

The SchoolBrains Alert System (SAS) is the lifeline of communication (email, voice and SMS text) needed to connect school systems with all users about a myriad of issues. Most importantly, a school emergency can be rapidly and effectively communicated throughout the system.  But these alerts can span the spectrum from school attendance to school bake sales. 

And if targeted user groups are needed, we have that covered too.

Examples of application

Multi-Channel Messaging Platform

The SAS platform helps school administrators improve emergency response time, reduce risk of miscommunication, meet mass communication challenges and reach thousands of individuals effectively and efficiently.

School Announcements

Schools will become proactive and communicative while improving safety and preparedness.

Emergency QuickLaunch

Allows the speedy delivery of a text-based email, voice (text-to-speech) and SMS to all contacts via all contact methods simultaneously.


SAS supports permission-based role hierarchies. Administration can send district-wide messages or only access contacts from their particular school or grade level.

Automatic Attendance Calls

Let SchoolBrains notification system automatically call parents/guardians at a predetermined time to announce absences or discipline issues.

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