Most asked questions about SchoolBrains’ SIS functionality

  1. Verify that any students that are not to be promoted have been marked as such.  You can mark a student as “Do Not Promote” by checking the box located on the student’s grade enrollment.
  2. Choose your school
  3. Click the Grade tab under the school
  4.  Select the grade you would like to promote
  5. Verify that you have promotion rules in place.  If you need help creating promotion rules, please contact the support dept.
  6.  Click the promote tab under School Grade
  7. Choose the next school year from the School Year drop-down menu
  8. Click preview to see the job before it runs.  Once it appears to be correct, proceed to the next step.
  9. Click the Promote button

To properly withdraw a student, you should enter a termination date for the student’s grade enrollment.  Here are the steps involved:

  • Open the student’s record
  • Click the Enrollments tab located in the lower half of your screen
  • Choose the appropriate year from the list of grade enrollments
  • Click the Terminate button
  • Today’s date will auto-populate in the date field.  Change the date as needed.
  • Click the Save button

The students are not showing as active because they have not yet been promoted to the new school year. In order to promote the students, you will need to set the active school year back to the year that just ended by extended its end date.

Here are the steps to extending the current school year:

  1. Under the School Admin Tab, click School Year
  2. Select the upcoming school year and change the start date to a date that works for you. Deselect the “Is Active School Year” box.  Click the Save button. Click the Back button.
  3. Select the school year that just ended and extend the end date to the day before the upcoming year starts.  Check the “Is Active School Year” box.  Click the Save button. Click the Back button.
  4. Go to the Students shortcut.  Click the Update Current Info button.

Your students should now be active again.  Take this time to promote your students to the next grade so that they will be active when the school year switches over.  If you need the steps for promoting students, please refer to FAQ’s under Solutions in the Help Desk.

To set up a phone notification, please follow these steps:

  1. Click the Notification Tab.  If you do not see this, you may need to get the proper security role * Automated Alert Administrator.  
  2. Choose “Create a Voice Message” from the green sub-menu bar
  3. Enter a Name for the Message
  4. Enter the number you would like displayed on the Caller ID
  5. If you would like to record your message, check the appropriate box.  Then click the Create Message button and follow the steps on the screen to record your message.  Another option is to type your message into the Message field and it will be converted from Text to speech.
  6. Once you have created your message, Click “Launch a Notification” from the green sub-menu bar
  7. Enter a name for your Notification in Step 1
  8. Select the voice message that you created from the Voice drop-down menu in Step 2
  9. Select the appropriate recipients for your message in Step 3
  10. To launch your notification, check the confirmation box and click the Launch button in Step 4
  11.  You can then verify that the notification has been sent by selecting the Active Jobs Log in the Reports menu

Here’s how you code them with some background from the dese – 


The official word from DESE – @ http://www.doe.mass.edu/infoservices/data/sif/Guide.pdf

Summer Exits

ESE requires that all students reported as enrolled or receiving services be accounted for in the current collection. Students who were present in the EOY collection, but are not present in the following October collection are considered Summer Exits and must be reported with an exit code in DOE012. The StudentAttendanceSummary is ignored for summer exits. All such exits are to be reported in a StudentSchoolEnrollment object with a valid exit code and an ExitDate which falls between the end of the prior school year (maximum TermInfo.EndDate for that school and year) and the beginning of the current year (Minimum TermInfo.StartDate for that school inclusive).


In Schoolbrains – you enroll the student in the school year and set their end data as the same date in the current school year but BEFORE THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL.   


This is how to do it. The student should be enrolled on 8/1/2015 and their enrollment end date should be 8/1/2015. Also set the appropriate codes for this enrollment.  This assumes that your district school year starts on 8/1 and your first day of school is at the end of August or beginning of September.

SchoolBrains offers a Mass Update tool to make this process easy for you.  Here’s how:

  1. Click the “Students” shortcut from the menu on the left
  2. Click the “Mass Update Students” Button
  3. Enter the Year of Graduation in the corresponding field
  4. Click the “Students” tab
  5. Use the filter tool and select the desired students
  6. Click the “Mass Update Selected Students” button.  

The job will take a minute or two to complete.  You are able to monitor the status of the job by going to the “System” tab and then “Batch Jon Results”.

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