Listening and Learning
is the foundation of our
features, our technology
and our service.

The ability to listen.  To relate.  To respond.

To be there to help, where and when needed.

To provide individual attention.

These are the qualities of an exceptional educator.

They are also the qualities of an exceptional SIS provider.

Class selfie in an elementary school. Kids taking a picture together in a co-ed school. Group of elementary school children feeling excited to be back at school.

“SchoolBrains’ #1 strength is their responsiveness to our questions and concerns.  And that is ALL levels of the company– from leadership on down.”

Steven Lamarche, Dudley Charlton Public Schools

At SchoolBrains, we listen to our customers, and we’ve learned how to make their experience with our product better.

With a student information system that’s fast, intuitive, and easy to use.

Powerful, customizable, and with a lower cost of ownership.

A system that adapts to your needs as your needs change.

At SchoolBrains, we’re always listening and always learning.

As anyone in the education field knows, personal attention is the key to success.

It’s true in the classroom. 

And, in the backroom.

At SchoolBrains we’re always listening and always learning.

“SchoolBrains’ customer service is excellent.  In my conversations with peers in other districts, I am told that you can put in a ticket and you may or may not get a response. When SchoolBrains sees my number, they call me back. If I could use ONE word to describe SchoolBrains, it would be: responsive!”



“As an SIS provider, they are very attentive to our charter school needs which is great.  We don’t feel like we get lost in the shuffle.  And their tool has a very practical design which is efficient and easy to use.  In a nutshell, their platform is easy and so is their service model.”



“I love SchoolBrains’ customer service. I used another SIS when I was in another district. When I called my former provider, I was passed around. At SchoolBrains, if they don’t immediately answer, I will get a call back. That relationship is so helpful to me in getting my job done.”



Powerful, Customizable and Lower Cost of Ownership

Every school and district may be different, but what we’ve learned is that all are looking for the same thing in an SIS platform:  powerful, expansive, easily configurable with every school, and fully integrated with Google Classroom.

A system that adapts to your needs as your needs change. 

We heard you.

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