State Reporting

“As a system, SchoolBrains has a really strong capacity with state reporting.  The system works well and the support you get when it comes to that is strong.  When a challenge arises, I can always count on them to come up with solution.”

Jenny Malave, Holyoke Public Schools

You know it and so do we.  SIS platforms can provide tremendous function to support parents, administrators, teachers and students. But one thing they also must do is provide your state with the key information they need. 

In designing SchoolBrains, this function was of critical importance. And it shows in its intelligent, intuitive fact gathering. SchoolBrains SIS drastically reduces the work required to complete your state reporting requirements. The SchoolBrains platform is built to create efficiency so that as you are working on the system, it is automatically creating the needed state reports. 

In fact, by using our tool, by the time you are ready for state submission, you are 90% there. It’s why SchoolBrains SIS system is a Top 100 Product. And it is among the top features that our clients rave most about.  

Throughout the entire solution, SchoolBrains incorporates functionality, forms, analysis and reporting to assist school districts in complying with mandatory regulatory requirements and reporting, whether its federal or state requirements. And, as the regulations change, the SchoolBrains platform will make sure that you’re always up to date.

We currently support State Reporting requirements for the following states:

  • Florida
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Texas
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